Did you know Rick has over 18 years experience as a sports massage therapist. Rick qualified from the London School of Sports Massage in 1997. Rick has been lecturing in sports and remedial massage for over 10 years. Rick began his lecturing with the Oxford School of Sports Massage and is currently lecturing with the Cambridge School of Sports Massage on the Level 5 B.T.E.C Diploma course.

Why not have a sports massage as part of your programme of injury prevention?

You don’t have to be a sportsman or sportswoman to benefit from a sports massage. In Rick’s opinion sports massage should be re-branded and called soft tissue therapy.

What is sports massage (soft tissue therapy)?

A variation of well directed massage techniques to the soft tissues of the body i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, fascia. The flowing techniques can be to varying depths, depending on what structure is restricted or tight etc.

Sports massage aims to release tension in the soft tissues and promote relaxation, therefore improving posture. There are many more anecdotal reasons to have a sports massage, so why not contact Rick to explore whether sports massage (soft tissue therapy) would be of benefit to you.

You are welcome to bring a chaperone with you to the first or any subsequent visits.

It is common to feel sore post treatment. The pain may have moved or changed in some way.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are worried and want to discuss these symptoms.

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