I have been one of Rick’s patients for almost 20 years. In this time, he has diagnosed and successfully treated a range of injuries and ailments, from sprains to ligament damage. He is polite, friendly, thorough and professional. He is happy to offer advice and support and can prescribe a suitable stretch and rehab  programme, which accompanied with his treatment, will quickly get you back to full fitness.

Ashleigh Lloyd

I have been going to Rick for about 9 years for acute, chronic, post op and one off conditions.  He is always able to fit me in, quite often the same day and he has provision for emergency appointments, even on Saturdays!  Rick is very thorough, honest, ethical and has a very easy way about him, it very difficult to not like him.  If you need a competent osteopath, I would recommend him every time.

Sabita Clark

Having required the services of Rick over a number of years to achieve my dreams within the running discipline, I’ve always found Rick to be professional in every manner.  His passion and knowledge around everything to do with Osteopathy is .amazing.  Ricks honest and informative approach has made my running dreams reality.  A true professional through and through!

Alan Wilson (Reading Roadrunners).

I have been receiving osteopathic treatment from Rick Weatherall on a regular basis for almost ten years now.  I suffer from a ‘slipped disc’, which would relapse every year or so, causing acute pain and forcing me to take time off work and affecting my home life considerably.  With Rick, I have worked on developing techniques to prevent relapses through a programme of regular treatments to keep my back as flexible as possible and to develop my core strength.  Happily, this programme of prevention seems to be working and it is now some years since I had to take time off work.  As I am more aware of my body’s strengths and limitations I can recognise when my back is being compromised and book a treatment before the pain becomes acute.

Alison Morgan

I have been to Rick for the last five years for a sports massage and advice with various injury problems, mainly calf, hamstrings and thighs.  I have always found Rick to be very knowledgeable and good at finding the source of the problem.  Rick has a very friendly personality and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in his company which I feel is important when carrying out work on your body!  I trust Rick with the work he carries out.  Compared to other people I have visited with less experience, Rick is very reasonably priced as well.

Nick Vallance

A friend of mine recommended Rick to me after chronic back pain forced me to retire several years ago, and I’m so grateful that he did.  Rick can’t cure my underlying problem, but he does ease my symptoms, and loosen me up, making me feel far more human.  He’s a lovely bloke and we have a chat and a laugh, but at the same time he’s a consummate professional and the ONLY person that I trust implicitly anywhere near my back.  I find it reassuring that, even after years of treating me, he never assumes that he knows what’s going on on a given day and will always discuss how I’ve been and what’s going on so he can concentrate on what’s bugging me.  He’s also a font of good advice and works hard to update and expand his knowledge and techniques.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rick to anyone.

Jules Boam

I first started seeing Rick about 3 years ago on a recommendation from a client.  I’ve used physiotherapists and chiropractors before but in my old age I was looking for a gentler approach closer to home that worked for me.  That’s exactly what I get.  Don’t get me wrong, I still know he’s doing something but I don’t feel like I’ve been used for rucking practice by the All Blacks!

Ricks highly professional approach to treating the cause, and not the symptons, coupled with his friendly couch side manner means that I go back to him whenever I have a problem  (I know I should also see him before I get to that state but I haven’t changed my habits yet!).

Whatever the issue I’ve had with my abused body (being an ex hockey player) and being a Personal Trainer I’ve wanted a quick fix so that I can get back to business and training.  And that’s his ethical approach, getting you back to normal as quickly as possible.  I have no hesitation in going back to see him personally and I always recommend him to anybody looking for muscular treatment or a sports massage.

Gareth France
Genral Osteopathic Council